Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Schweitzer on the Kingdom of God.

"Paul's Kingdom of God belief does not take into account the possibility of  a development of this natural world into the kingdom of God . But though he gives up this world, he nevertheless expects the redeemed man to manifest in it the spirit of the Kingdom of God which is in him. Purely from inner necessity, not with view to success, there arises an activity which is determined by the kingdom of God. As a star, by the inner law of the light which is in it, shines over a dark world, even when there is no prospect of heralding  a morning which is to dawn upon it, so the elect must radiate the light of the Kingdom in the world. This manifestation of the Kingdom of God from inner necessity must be the core and kernel of the matter; to this any work deliberately directed to the realization of the Kingdom is merely an outer envelope. We have constantly to remember the inexorable law, that we can only bring so much of the Kingdom of God into the world as we posses within us.

                                                - Albert Schweitzer, Mysticism, pp.338.