Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On the ENder's Game film

I'm not planning to go to this movie. However, I was initially opposed to this boycotting thing. It makes me a bit uncomfortable to see any group, including the gay community, get so heated in their opposition against someone that they would deliberately try to hurt them financially.

But then I read what Orson Scott Card has been saying about Gay people and their families, what we are, where we come from, and how we should be viewed and treated. And I became supportive of the justness and rightness of this boycott.

There are those who wonder why a man saying negative things about gay people should be boycotted? The reason is that he and the organization that he is a board member of (National Organization for Marriage), act on their rhetoric. According to Card, he has been saying this kind of stuff since 1984. Has anything negative happened to gay people since that time? 40 state bans on gay marriage, including 30 that deny any recognition of gay couples at all. Gay people fired from jobs for being gay, and denied housing for being gay, a thing that is still legal in 27 states. DOMA. Don't ask Don't Tell. A ban on gay people being allowed to say anything positive publicly about themselves in Colorado. Untold numbers of gay people who committed suicide because of the constant repetition of the kind of rhetoric Orson used. Untold others permanently damaged. 40 percent of the homeless kid population is now LGBT because of the kind of rhetoric Orson Scott Card uses being taken to heart by millions of American parents.

The greatest lie any human ever told is that words will never hurt you. Gay people know that isn't true. And Orson Scott Card and people like him have helped us gain that bitter knowledge.

Gay people have every right not to finance those who would give us desolation.

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