Monday, April 14, 2014

So I'm just writing this to get a little practice in. I haven't written a blog post here in a very long time. I have a Tumblr now, so that is more stimulating in some ways than confessions about theological positions, or inner feeling, or goals. But I'm back for now, and that is the thing that matters.

I'm a little bit on the down side today. The news today was pretty depressing, as it looked like another nation was going to get away with manipulating another, by using false double standards and obfuscation to meld with the isolationist bent in a number of other nations. It's frustrating to see evil triumph so effortlessly in foreign affairs. So that has put me in a bad mood, which causes more problems because when I'm in a depressed mood, I'm not very self motivated. I don't do enough with the time I have, which is a big flaw of mine. I also get the urge to spend money on comfort foods that I shouldn't be looking at. I'm trying to lose weight, and you can't really accomplish that if you're eating pizza and wings and burgers and cheesecake all the time.

I'm going to start posting quotes in my wordpress blog from the books I've read. I'll also be doing that with Tumblr. There is so much religious knowledge that is simply unavailable to people because the people who are really interested in it aren't willing to to post that knowledge on social sites. So I'm going to try to make my little contribution to the cause, and hopefully inspire people to learn more about following the way of Jesus Christ.

A few more things to add before I disappear for another week or so. My brother is coming to town for a few months of rest from the Philippines, which I should prepare for. And I'm looking for another job. I have no idea whether I'll be successful or not, but I'm going to study and prepare for the entrance examination.and hopefully, I'll do well. I haven't talked much about God's will in my life lately, because I don't really feel like he has much to do with my existence right now, But if being able to get back into school is part of his will, and if getting this job is part of that journey, I can only beg for him to be a present help in my efforts and intervene on my behalf.

I'll be back.

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