Sunday, January 13, 2013

jesus, lover of my soul

Said to be written around 1712 by Charles Wesley, Jesus lover of my soul is my favorite hymn.
The version in the clip above by Ken Medema is my favorite version of the song and it is the one that introduced me to him. I discovered it very late one night while I was lying in bed listening to christian radio. The thing about this version of the hymn that always stuck with me is the troubled, haunted way in which Medema seems to be pleading with Jesus to come and intercede for him, to come to his rescue. It sounds like a melodious groan of anguish that starts deep within Kens' belly, and slowly but surely reaches through his vocal cords to the ears of God himself on his heavenly throne. I especially love the contrast between his cry for help and his declaration of who God is for him. It is something I find myself doing from time to time.

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