Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Surprise.

I've skipped 2 days in my at least 100 words a day project. I'm going to try to be consistent in the future, but the events of recent days rattled me to such an extent, that I just couldn't bring myself to write about anything. But it's been 2 days, so I'm willing to write a little I guess.

Have you ever had something happen that changed your whole perception of reality? Something that changed your consideration of your place in the Universe? Well, one of those events happened to me. On Monday, March 17, St. Patrick's day, I found out for the first time that my Father, who has been separated from my mother for 16 years, had 2 children that I've never heard of, and has kept them a secret from my family for almost 10 years. I now know their names, their birthdays, the age of the youngest. I know what they look like. So beautiful.

The hardest thing is not that he hid this from us. As a gay kid, I can understand how hard it can be sometimes to tell someone your secret. Especially if you think that it will hurt them or they won't approve. The hardest thing is the idea that we would have probably found out only if he died or was seriously injured. Can you imagine the chaos?

I really don't feel like writing anything else about this right now. Perhaps I'll write more about what I feel later. This is the kind of thing people get therapists for.

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